Gold Partner - Electronic Tools Company™ ,USA

Nlytica Technologies and Electronic Tools Company™ have joined hands in the area of Technology across industry like education, telecom and others in United States of America, Africa, Asia , Europe and other parts of the world.

Electronic Tools Company™ ( was incorporated in 1994 as a software company producing packaged software for Electronic Design Industry and customized solutions for business in general. E-tools ( solutions have evolved into general business solutions, database applications, data analytics, data warehousing, mobile apps as well as e-government and e-commerce products, in partnership with Nlytica Technologies.

Electronic Tools Company ( mission is to create wherever possible packaged software for the General Business Community and customized or semi-customized solutions for e-government, e-commerce and medium to large enterprises. For the last many years e-tools has been nurturing top talent in the latest software technologies.